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Study Abroad Education Loan Counselling & Processing.

Our Ace Service (USD Loan) (Our USP)

  • USD denominated loans (US Loans).
  • Loans for the full cost of attendance as per I-20 (yes, including living expenses!).
  • Flexible loans at 4%-7% interest p.a. repayable over 20+ years.
  • No physical mortgage/collateral needed.
  • Quick and easy end-to-end process.
  • Money sent directly to your School/University.

Other Services (INR Loan)

  • We also help you get through the Local Banks & NBFCs for alternative loan options at best interest rates.

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Admission Counselling and Processing.

  • We help you get admission in the best university as per the profile of the student.
  • We also help to obtain Bank Solvency Certificate and other financial documents to get I-20 / Unconditional Offer Letter / Admission Letter from your desired University Abroad.

VISA Counselling & Processing.

  • Service includes all the paperwork and mock interview training.


1. PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE, CALIFORNIA https://www.pacifica.edu/financial-aid/international-student-resources/
 2. LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL https://www.london.edu/masters-degrees/financial-aid/search-for-funding/the-paras-education-foundation
 3.MONTPELLIER BUSINESS SCHOOL, FRANCE https://www.montpellier-bs.com/international/our-programmes/master/financial-aids-2/
4. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO https://internationalaffairs.uchicago.edu/fundingoptions
5. UNIVERSITY OF BOCONNI https://www.unibocconi.eu/…/other+scholarships+and+funds
6. OLIN BUSINESS SCHOOL: https://olinwustl.campusgroups.com/ogp/international-process/

What international Universities have to say about Paras–
1. UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO–Yes, University at Buffalo is a partner with Paras Education Foundation. 
2. PURDUE UNIVERSITY–Yes will accept funding through the Paras Education Foundation.
3. STEVENS INSTITUTE–Yes, I’ve confirmed with our financial aid office that we do accept funding from the Paras Education Foundation.
4. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY–This office would be delighted to partner with Paras Foundation. We have advanced the option to Paras of them passing funds and certification via ELM.May feel free to pass my comments to your contacts at Paras Education Foundation. 
5. SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY–Yes, the university does accept funds from Paras.
6. UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT–Yes, we certify loans from Paras Education Services.
7. FLORIDA INSTITUTE–Florida Institute of Technology has currently enrolled students who have obtained student loans from the Paras Foundation.Good luck
8. UCLA ANDERSON SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT–Yes, our office have been working with Para Education Foundation.   
9. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY–Yes, we do work with and accept funding through the Paras Education Services. 
10. UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS–Yes, we do work with Paras Education Services! 
11. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRWIN–We would accept a loan from Paras Education Services in order to pay for your studies. 
12. BENTLEY UNIVERSITY–Yes We have received  information from Paras Loan Service, which is good news. We accept their funding.
13. ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY–Paras does offer loans to RIT students.  RIT is required to certify these loans to ensure that the loan amount does not exceed the cost of attendance less all other financial aid. 14. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-SUPERIOR–Yes, we will accept payment/funding from the Paras Foundation.
15. UNIVERSITYOF NORTHERN IOWA– Yes, we do accept funding from Paras. 
16. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON–Yes we do work with Paras to certify private loans.
17. USC VITERBI SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING–Yes, we are on the Paras Education Foundation list of participating universities.
18. WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY–Yes, we do work with Paras Education Foundation.  WSU does appear on their list of approved universities.
19.SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE OF CALIFORNIA–Yes, we do work with PARAS. In the past, we have had international students work with PARAS as they attended Saint Mary’s College of California.
20. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY–Yes, we do accept funding from Para Education Services.’

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